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Senior Backend Software Engineer

If you thought you'd already seen everything in terms of software development, think again!

Here at Treexor, we're looking to incorporate into our herd of geeky developers, someone who is just as nutty as the rest and has a good level of experience in developing various projects that require quick availability and generate millions of customers around the world.

RequirementsYour requirements for this job

  • Languages: Java, Groovy
  • Experience using web frameworks: Spring, Springboot, Grails.
  • Solid understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, headers, asset loading / caching).
  • Data Bases: Mysql, Aurora, RDS, Redis
  • Data processors: Storm, Spark

Desired knowledge

  • High performance and scalability.
  • Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban

Personal characteristicsHere’s an overview qualifications you need for this job

  • Technology geek
  • Always updated on the latest development trends
  • Teamwork
  • Goal­oriented work
  • Ability to make decisions on a technological and priority level
  • Creative
  • Self­Sufficient
  • No fear of the unknown
  • Committed to your work
  • Enjoying summer all year round and living in one of the most beautiful islands of Spain

What we offer in return for all this?We offer you the best place to work

  • Being part of one of the best positioned companies in its sector worldwide
  • Immediate incorporation
  • Excellent working environment
  • Working with a young, enthusiastic and talented team
  • Good salary and incentives

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Life at Treexorour culture

Welcome to the life at Treexor!

At Treexor we believe in people, we put our trust in their talent, their enthusiasm, their creativity and their commitment, and in teamwork. In fact, we are convinced that it is people like you who make innovation come true. 60 brilliant young men and women between 25 and 35 years old, from 10 different countries share the same vision at Treexor. Together we have fun developing new technological products of great success in the market, quickly and with agility.

The team at Treexor is made up by engineers, mathematicians, analysts, data scientists, media buyers, project managers and designers.

Together we find new challenges, we understand them and we face them. And when necessary, we adapt to them because we have no fear of change. In fact, constantly adapting is vital to building the future in the present.

Committed to generating knowledge

Here at Treexor we have scholarship and training agreements with different Universities such as the University of La Laguna, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the European University of the Canary Islands, the Polytechnic International Centre and the Secondary Education Institutes of César Manrique and Las Galletas.

Did you know that a high percentage of our team is made up by colleagues who started at Treexor as scholars?

We are looking for people who contribute with smart ideas and opinions, determined and able to face day in, day out new challenges, within a team.

Did you know that the best ideas come to us when we are not looking for them?

There is nothing more frustrating than getting mentally stuck and not being able to find a place to relax and socialise for inspiration to find us.

We at Treexor have designed different areas within the offices for you to seek refuge in them when inspiration is playing chasing with you.

Welcome to paradise!

Know the place where we live :)

Treexor’s facilities are located in an earthly paradise in Costa Adeje, in the South of Tenerife, the biggest and most charming island of the Canarian archipelago.

The south of Tenerife is the ideal place to live a relaxed live, full of opportunities to practise watersports far away ­though relatively close to­ the hectic life of the capital city.

Ready to know a little better about the paradise where Treexor is based?

Tenerife’s climate will amaze you

The ideal temperature to enjoy yourself outdoors

Welcome to the paradisiacal island of Treexor, where temperatures range between 17º and 21º all year around, though in Costa Adeje, where our facilities are based, the average temperature is 25º.

A place for practising water sports

Long sunny days, stable climate, water temperature of about 20oC all year around and some points of the South with high winds. You will be able to practise surf, kitesurf and all other water sports you can think about right now. And all really near to your workplace!

Tenerife is much more than sun and beaches

The volcanic island of Tenerife is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. So that it has lots of beautiful white and black sand beaches is something to be expected.

But Tenerife has much more to offer. And know what? You won’t have to travel hundreds of miles to enjoy what you like the best! Theme parks to enjoy in Tenerife while you are not working Did you know that Tenerife is home to the world’s best water park according to TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Awards? It’s called Siam Park and it’s only a stone's throw away of Treexor. And La Orotava, in the North of the island, is home to Europe’s number one zoo ­ and the world’s second best ­ according to the same community: Loro Parque.

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Su currículo será conservado para procesos de selección actualmente en curso, así como los que pudieran iniciarse en el futuro. De igual manera, ponemos en su conocimiento que, con las finalidades antes indicadas, sus datos de carácter personal, podrán ser accedidos por parte de clientes de la Compañía interesados en contar con su perfil para la incorporación a proyectos laborales.

Finalmente, le informamos que el consentimiento anteriormente otorgado es revocable y que podrá ejercer sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, oposición y cancelación, mediante el envío de un mail a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico habilitada por la Compañía:”